Gastric By-Pass Surgery THE Question, NOT the Answer

September 3, 2009 15:51 by Bobbette Gantz

Almost four years ago, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, acid reflux (GERD), had high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was easily 110 pounds overweight. I had neuropathy, constantly swollen feet and couldn’t wear normal shoes.  Every joint hurt and I was approaching my mid-fifties.  Not a pretty picture, if you know what I mean. 


On top of that, there was the ever-popular thought that if I was just self-disciplined enough I

would get off my rear, move more and eat less.  All it would take was a little will-power…right?


WRONG!  For two years I watched several friends drop weight as a result of gastric by-pass surgery and sanctimoniously thought they had taken the “easy way out”. 


The Reality


The reality is that while many overweight people have used the excuse that they have a “slow metabolism”, a lie at the start, now after years and years of yo-yo dieting, for most of us it’s the truth.  We’ve messed up our bodies so thoroughly that every time we even think about cutting calories and becoming more physically active, our systems go into shut down storing every calorie possible and assuming we’re going to do what we’ve tried to do so many times before…starve it. 


We needed help to stop this awful cycle and gastric by-pass surgery was and is a wonderful answer, but it only goes so far.


The reality is that gastric by-pass surgery is about as easy as giving birth. 

Once you make the decision to give birth to this particular process and go into “labor” you can pretty much guarantee that just like in a normal birthing process, your “child” will be born. 


You will experience weight loss whether you want it or not and darned if you don’t have to raise that “child”.  Just like giving birth to a new life, you discover the job doesn’t end with that rather painful event. You must take care of all the demands of that spoiled “child” both physical and emotional. 


There are no days off as a parent of this new, thinner, healthier child.  She/He demands you feed it, nurture it and provide for it constantly and you have to do so while dealing with all the emotional baggage you’d been stuffing down with food and that ability is no longer available.  Who knew that this “easy way out”would be this hard?  Not me… 


The Elusive Answers


If you had a great surgeon, wonderful support team and paid attention to all the

literature, pre-surgery psych consultations, classes and advice from well-meaning

friends, you know that you still have to change your lifestyle and your attitude about

food if the weight is going to stay off forever. 


That’s where the answers become far less obvious and much more difficult to find and even harder to execute. 


That’s when just about everybody discovers – if they didn’t already know it somewhere deep

inside their fat-protected bodies – that food is their personal drug of choice. 


That’s right. Drug of choice. 


We use it to stuff down unwanted or unacceptable emotions. It pacifies our fears and even your standard, run of the mill, daily anxieties. 



Coping Tools


What are they and where can I buy some? Do they come with a lifetime guarantee?


After several psych consultations and a series of fascinating coincidences, I think

I may have found that lifetime guarantee. It comes with a coping tool for weight control and – even better – mind control. Well, at least a truce where my ever-powerful mind is concerned. 


The skills I’ve learned through Life Coaching – both as a recipient and as a certified Life

Coach – have turned that nasty inner desire to overeat at the first hint of an emotion, into a friend that supports and helps me achieve my goals. 




As of today, I’ve been at my goal weight for over 2 years.  Is it easy? No. But it’s definitely a lot more fun, successful and satisfying than anything else I’ve tried. 


I’m starting this blog today to share my experiences with others. I want to invite anyone who is struggling with the decision to have surgery or even more importantly, has relapsed after surgery, to join me. Comment, ask questions or consider signing on for upcoming telecourses or personal coaching. The opportunity is yours. 


Most importantly, I’m starting this blog because everything inside of me says that I’m not alone in the struggle that has led me here. I feel that my journey has the potential to make the

journey of others easier and more joyful.


You really can shed that protective layer and feel good about you! So here goes!!!  Please come back again soon and explore taking just a few small steps at a time towards the goal of a joyful, healthy you.


Bobbette Gantz

Life Coach